I'm passionate about sharing ideas and helping others, particularly those in the developer and student communities. While I enjoy public speaking, I find that writing allows me to explore concepts and ideas in a longer form.

User-Centered Design: A Developer's Guide to Building User-Friendly Applications

Back in 2012, I was running a weekly podcast with my brother for Microsoft developers. Each week, I would share a "Design Tip of the Week". The idea was for me to showcase something I felt that app developers might appreciate from the world of design; it might be a tip, resource, or an entirely different approach to application design.

Through the show, I was getting a lot of positive feedback from developers, asking me to share these ideas in a more comprehensive form. I thought about keeping up a blog, but with the show, work, and school, that seemed untenable.

What I began to realize was that there was a general theme in the information and message I was sharing with developers. Effectively, my instruction was clear: as developers, there were some simple practices we could employ to help us understand more about our users.

Therefore, over a summer break, I decided to write a small book that would focus on the "quick and dirty" approach of user-centered design. Essentially, I highlighted the benefits developers could experience by setting up simple, non-scientific, usability studies; showing how to leverage their existing users for key insights.

This writing culminated in a book called User-Centered Design: A Developer's Guide to Building User-Friendly Applications. The book managed to get the attention of the good folks at O'Reilly Media. While the book was mostly finished, I was able to take advantage of O'Reilly's "early release" program, which allowed me to refine the book while collecting initial reader feedback. Essentially, I was employing user-centered practices, while writing a book about user-centered practices! I know, very meta.

You can get the book on Amazon or O'Reilly.


While I'm not able to give it the attention it deserves, I also try to write more recent learnings on a blog hosted by Medium. This is the best place to find my latest writings.