Professional Work

I work at Microsoft on Visual Studio, a suite of tools and services that help developers build software experiences and applications.

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On the Visual Studio team, I focus on multi-device and cross-platform experiences; building tools to help developers target, not only Windows, but iOS and Android as well. I've worked on tools for:

While product development is an essential role of any UX designer, I believe it works best when we have a firm understanding of the customer's problems and needs. So, my job is to not only provide design direction, but to help our product teams connect with our customers in meaningful ways.

Through a strong partnership with our user research team, I've lead workshops, trainings, and research activities that have had organizational-wide impact.


The AllReady project is a great example of the type of work I do at Microsoft. It was a collaboration between Microsoft, the American Red Cross, and Humanitarian Toolbox. To prepare for the launch of Visual Studio 2015, I was part of a select team that was given a week to hack together a web and mobile application for use in disaster preparedness. As UX lead, my role was to ensure we had a great experience across both web and mobile platforms and to make sure we were able to deliver on key scenarios within an extremely compressed time frame.


Student Work

I have an MS in Human-Computer Interaction from the College of Computing and Digital Media, DePaul University. I graduated top of my class by creating projects that explored visual design, interaction design, usability, prototypes, and design leadership.


GardenMate provided an opportunity to explore Microsoft's modern design language and guidelines. My goal was to achieve a high-fidelity prototype, so that I could fully express what the design language could do. In order to achieve this, I started with early conceptual sketches and finished with an interactive prototype in PowerPoint.

COL Player Re-Design

With the introduction of a re-imagined Windows, I set out to re-design DePaul University's COL Player, an application used by remote students to watch their course lectures. The re-design was a conceptual exploration of Microsoft's new design language and touch-first devices.


To deliver on my final graduate project, myself and two other students completed an end-to-end project for an app called Neighborly. The app is based off the Buy Nothing Project, a non-profit, social movement that encourages neighbors to give away used items to each other. This project was a chance to go through the complete UX life cycle, from research, requirements gathering, customer interviews, usability tests, iterations, and recommendations.

Chicago O'Hare Airport

The Chicago O'Hare Airport mobile app was a complete departure from typical curriculum offered within DePaul's HCI program. I had a desire to learn basic motion principals and apply them in a example project. So, I was given the opportunity to create a course for myself and spend some time learning about animation and Adobe AfterEffects. For this deliverable, I decided to use the Chicago O'Hare Airport as a landscape to explore and execute on the motion principals offered through Google Material design guidelines.