Chicago O'Hare Airport

Date: Spring 2015
Stakeholder: DePaul University
Focus: Motion Design
Project Duration: 10 weeks

Exploring Motion Design

Elective courses give you a chance to explore areas of design that you may not encounter in your day-to-day job. I've always been fascinated with how motion can be used to communicate interaction to users of digital products.

While DePaul has an excellent program for digital artists and animators, none of these courses were offered to remote students, online. With the help of my faculty adviser, I created an independent study course in motion design and Adobe After Effects.

During the quarter, I had to travel to Chicago for work, so I used this opportunity to spend some time at the Chicago O'Hare airport. This proved to be the perfect landscape to explore a mobile app for passengers visiting the airport.

I focused on a couple of key interactions, checking flight statuses and setting a reminder for where you parked. From there, I created a set of screens to help organize all the interactions I would have in my demonstration video. Throughout the subsequent weeks, I increased the fidelity of each screen until I reached a "real life" Android app concept.

Chicago O'Hare wire frames
Chicago O'Hare wire frames

With the help of Google Material motion design guidelines, I painstakingly re-created motion patterns using After Effects, and Premiere. While far from perfect, I'm still pleased with how the interactions came together.