Travis Lowdermilk

Travis Lowdermilk is a UX Professional, which means he's an author, designer, researcher, storyteller, prototyper, coder, maker, mentor, and doer.

He has a B.S. in Information Systems and an M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction. His educational background creates a unique blend between technical systems-thinking, human factors and psychology, research, creativity, and human empathy.

Travis is especially passionate about helping product teams connect with their customers and helping them leverage customer insights to build fantastic products. He's had the opportunity to work with many product teams, all over the world, sharing his expertise and inspiring others to achieve more.

In his spare time, he enjoys photography, reading, writing, and exploring new technologies and storytelling mediums.

He's the author of The Customer-Driven Playbook and User-Centered Design, both published by O'Reilly Media, Inc.

To learn more about Travis, check out his work, LinkedIn profile or follow him on Twitter.